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Jasmine Chong
Thanks for the useful information!
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Pastor Roland
From: San Antonio
Aloha everyone! Pastor Roland & Elizabeth here, guess what, we're
expecting our first child (Sarai Leigh Gloria) any day now and wanted to
give you the good news. I don't think we'll ever be able to express how
perfect your group was when you ministered at our wedding! SHALOM!!!
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From: Spring
I love you...and always will. Gigs will come and go, but the time we
bring more people to want to know Him, well, that in my mind, is a miracle.
Blessings on you and the guys. If I could fill the tip jar, I'd fill it
with Olive Branches.
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David Ramos
From: League City,Tx
Wonderful family !!!
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Michelle Cochran
From: Kemah
Great job at Anchor yesterday. I really enjoyed the music and am looking
forward to hearing more of your work.

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Scott Vannatter
From: Conroe Tx.
This is Scott Vannatter, we met at a coffee house. Lazer Vision, Tawana was
there and I did a tune. Don't know if you remember or not. But I Came
across your card the other day and so I Just wanted to stop in for a second
to say hey. Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and the New Year is going
well for you all so far. Hope to see you all soon. Give me a shout.

Scott V.
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Susan Wright
From: Texas
I am so happy to see that you are doing so well in your music ministry.
You have come a long way since I first met you and I know you have a lot
more work to do for God.

Peace be with you.
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Karina Hernandez
From: Houston
Hi girls! I have been wondering for a while what you have been up to, where
you are, what's new in your life? I am still here in Houston. I was
recently listening to Vast Terrain, and decided to look you up. I was VERY
happy to find your website! Glad to see you are still doing what you
love, sharing God's word and love! Hugs!
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From: First Cumberland
Thanks for your sweet postcard! It was a blessing to me on what was sort of
a mundane Friday. (And thanks for sharing a song with us.)
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Rose Anne Knight
From: 1st Cumberland Presbyterian Ch
Every day is a gift from God, but your visit to our church this afternoon
made this one a special treasure. It was a pleasure to meet you, and to
hear your lovely an amazing music. Music is always better than meetings. I
hope to hear more from you sometime soon.
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