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Pastor Roland
From: San Antonio
Aloha everyone! Pastor Roland & Elizabeth here, guess what, we're
expecting our first child (Sarai Leigh Gloria) any day now and wanted to
give you the good news. I don't think we'll ever be able to express how
perfect your group was when you ministered at our wedding! SHALOM!!!
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From: Spring
I love you...and always will. Gigs will come and go, but the time we
bring more people to want to know Him, well, that in my mind, is a miracle.
Blessings on you and the guys. If I could fill the tip jar, I'd fill it
with Olive Branches.
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David Ramos
From: League City,Tx
Wonderful family !!!
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Michelle Cochran
From: Kemah
Great job at Anchor yesterday. I really enjoyed the music and am looking
forward to hearing more of your work.

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Scott Vannatter
From: Conroe Tx.
This is Scott Vannatter, we met at a coffee house. Lazer Vision, Tawana was
there and I did a tune. Don't know if you remember or not. But I Came
across your card the other day and so I Just wanted to stop in for a second
to say hey. Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and the New Year is going
well for you all so far. Hope to see you all soon. Give me a shout.

Scott V.
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Susan Wright
From: Texas
I am so happy to see that you are doing so well in your music ministry.
You have come a long way since I first met you and I know you have a lot
more work to do for God.

Peace be with you.
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Karina Hernandez
From: Houston
Hi girls! I have been wondering for a while what you have been up to, where
you are, what's new in your life? I am still here in Houston. I was
recently listening to Vast Terrain, and decided to look you up. I was VERY
happy to find your website! Glad to see you are still doing what you
love, sharing God's word and love! Hugs!
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From: First Cumberland
Thanks for your sweet postcard! It was a blessing to me on what was sort of
a mundane Friday. (And thanks for sharing a song with us.)
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Rose Anne Knight
From: 1st Cumberland Presbyterian Ch
Every day is a gift from God, but your visit to our church this afternoon
made this one a special treasure. It was a pleasure to meet you, and to
hear your lovely an amazing music. Music is always better than meetings. I
hope to hear more from you sometime soon.
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Beverly Ellison
From: Mariposas dance ministry
Dear Canopy,
I viewed your website and it is truly wonderful! Your ministry is a
blessing! Your ministry really blesses me, and your love for the Lord
Jesus makes others hungry for God. It blesses me to know of marriages that
are solid in the Lord and that you are all serving together in ministry.
Keep going forward and I hope to see ya'll again in the future.

Dancing for Him,
Beverly Ellison
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