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Dan Cutchen
From: Dallas, TX
I love you guys! I didn't get to say goodbye at the end of Lake Tomahawk
camp except that wave at the end. Wonderful ministry. Beautiful kilt!
Great attitudes! Lovely spirits and smiles of the ladies...and Kevin...and
Buddy is very funny. Very funny. I will now entertain my family for many
minutes by repeating many of his routines. Hope we can minister together
again! In His Fantastic Grace--Dan
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Jeneen Holloway
From: Disciples of Faith Church
I wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful music and visitation. We at
Disciples of Faith Church appreciate every note you've shared with us. May
God bless you and keep you in perfect health and strength, to allow you to
continue to share your beautiful music. Please make sure we're on the
nearby agenda. God Bless You-----

Pastor's Daughter (Jeneen)
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Amy Cortez
From: St Luke's Presbyterian Church
Thank you for sharing your talents with the Children at St. Luke's VBS.
The Great Bible Reef would not have been the same without you and the
children enjoyed the music tremendously. We are still singing "Trust
the Lord" and "Show Me Your Paths" nearly everyday. God
Bless you all and your work.
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Ed and Cathi Scriven
From: Pueblo, Colorado
Cathi and I throughly enjoyed being your hosts while you were in Pueblo at
the blue grass concert for our Wild West Cowboy Church. You are all great
soliders for Christ. Your testimonies and music were a blessing to us. I
could set and listen to you play and sing for hours. Thank you so much for
sharing your talents and friendship with us for the days you were here.
Your witness for Christ was a blessing to us. May God continue to richly
bless you in all that you do. You have a God given talent of witnessing
thru your life style of music and singing. Thank you Jesus for blessing
ours lifes with the friendship and talents of Conopy.
Ed and Cathi Scriven
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Marvin Gaspard
From: St. Luke's Presbyterian Church
Dear Canopy,

You have quickly become very special to all of us here at St. Luke's.
Thank you for spreading the love of Christ through your music and your
wonderful spirits. We look forward to your next visit with us!


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Lee Cole
From: Arcadia, LA
Hey twins and spouses,
Found your card today and checked out your website. Very cool. I really
enjoyed visiting with you and listening to your music at Nuna's funeral. I
know she was enjoying it from heaven. Hope to see you again.
Your cousin,
Lee Cole (George Earl's daughter)
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Deana Moran
From: Waco-Ecclesia
Hay Guys, looks like you're having awonderful time sharing God's love.
Bobby, JD, & I are looking forward to seeing you all again soon for VBS
and 5th Anniversary Celebration! Your website looks great and I pray God
continues to bless you all.
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David Wolbrecht
From: Elim


Private post. Click to view.

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Canopy just keeps getting better with every gig and CD release. The vocals
are just as fresh and the music keeps moving me. The friendship that has
stemmed from college is bearing so much fruit, I can't begin to describe
what that feels like. God has truly blessed me and knowing you is the tip
of the branches. I love all four of you more than words can say, even when
you're not singing. Thanks so much for coming to the Woodlands and givng
me a chance to feel God's love once again.

I may not book your gigs, but I will say that you are invited back anytime
for visits, and we can even sing in the car. :-)

God bless you, and thank you for making our time together such a memorable
I love you.


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From: another planet
Love y'all's website! Great work! Can't wait to hear y'all sing again!
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