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Pastor Clinton Browning
From: Lockhart, TX
My family and I really enjoyed your show at Excaliber last Sunday. It was
truly a suprise blessing to have your set ended with such an appropriate
presentation of the gospel, you truly have an awsome gift thanks for
sharing it with us. I have also enjoyed your website. I look forward to
hearing you again sometime. I hope to find a way to get you down to our
church for one of our weekend events. Thank you again, and keep up the
great work.
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Susana May
From: Spring TX
Dear Kevin, Cynthia, Buddy, and Alicia,

I really enjoyed seeing you at Carrie's Coffee Mill in Conroe. And to have
my whole family there made it all the more special (my sister snuck in at
the end)! The baby that was with us is my niece.

I really loved the mix of songs, from Vast Terrain and Doxology. Your
vocal harmonies and bass guitar really blended well, and Dad bought a copy
of Vast Terrain. I'll be on the lookout for Doxology in April, and look
forward to hearing Holding On To Heaven And Troubador again. It's just
such a blessing to be a longtime friend, and member of Christ's kingdom
with you, words don't do justice. Stay blessed, keep the faith, and know
that He loves all of us.

Love always,

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Submitted by Comments:
Forrest Lowry
From: Houston, Texas
Hey guys - I really enjoyed your website - but more than that - I really
love your music. Since you have been around White Oak Baptist so much I
have observed your lives - and I have been especially blessed by your
servant spirit and your love for the Lord. I would encourage any Pastor or
Staff member that is looking for a group to do a concert that will bless
the people to invite CANOPY to share. You have blessed my life and the
people of our church. Keep up the good work!
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Submitted by Comments:
From: West Bengal, India
Dear Br. Buddy
I enjoy your music tomuch. I have one of your CD, which played by Alaika, I
like it two much. Al time I enjoy thos songs. Today I got your mail with
the webaddress. Today I also enjoy some music online. Is it possible to
dounlode some from the website?
Thanks you and Marry Christmas to all of you.
God Bless You!
In His Name
Mina. :livid:
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Barret and Ellen Curnutte
From: South Korea
Hi! I was thinking about ya'll and decided to look you up on the web. I
love the website, it's really well done. We are so excited about what the
Lord is doing through your ministry. We love the term
"musicianaries" - awesome. Miss you guys all the way from South
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Submitted by Comments:
Derek L Brenner
From: Waco, Texas


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From: Ruston, La
You guys ae great and the website is amazing. I really enjoyed meeting up
with yall in Ruston. The Lord is using you in so many ways. I hope that i
will be able to keep in touch with you over the years. love you your
cousin paul
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Submitted by Comments:
hannah stanley
From: friendswood, texas
Hi Mrs. MV! It's Hannah Stanley from school. I love your music and can't
wait to hear it again. Keep doing what you're doing! Come visit us at Grace
again soon!!!

Love, Hannah Stanley
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Submitted by Comments:
Susana May
From: Spring TX
Hi Canopy crew! Keep the music coming, and know that I love you! God


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annonymus teen fan
From: Shiloh Baptist Church
Your vocal harmonies rocked my face off!
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