What exactly do we sound like? Well, we each have our own favorite comparison (handed to us from fans) from "Second Chapter Of Acts" to "Keith Green" to "Jethro Tull" to "Antonio Carlos Jobim"; and in some of our songs we may indeed sound a little like some of these great artists. However, as we try to tailor our music to specific situations (traditional worship service, Renaissance wedding, rock concert, etc) we have a plethora of styles that we juggle. So YOU decide for yourself, noble listener, what we sound like by enjoying some selections of our music, just click on the CD title or genre you want to hear.
The Catalyst 2011
   Catalyst 2011
Vast Terrain Album
Vast Terrain
Extra Mile Album
  Extra Mile
Hobbit Music
Hobbit Music
Christmas Tunes
Renaissance Songs
Wedding Music
Cynthia Interview
  Cynthia Interview
Children's Music
Hymns & Traditional
New Stuff
   New Stuff
Radio Interview on 100.7 FM's Churchquake
Radio Interview
heres our entry in the 2011 Folgers Jingle Contest Entry

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