The Catalyst

ascribe to the lord
tangle of green
the catalyst
holdin’ on
your love has carried me
his ways / by the meek
nothing can separate us
lead me
where your treasure is
author and finisher
the catalyst reprise

The long-awaited Canopy CD project is finally here!  It’s an exciting moment for us, because, honestly, we wondered whether we’d ever finish.  This has been a five-year journey reminiscent of a road trip we endured a few years ago.  While caught in hurricane evacuation traffic, a trip that should have taken 8 hours ended up lasting about 30.  When at last we were a few minutes from our destination we came to a screeching halt behind a fallen tree.  The roadblock added more time to our already exhausting trip as we were forced to turn back and take a different road.  Ever since that time we’ve had a saying among us.  “We’ll be there soon… unless there’s a tree in the road.”  It’s kind of our own version of “God willing and the creek don’t rise”.

All that to say, we’ve encountered quite a many trees in the road as we’ve attempted to put together our first self-produced album.  Everything from lost recordings to vocal surgery has delayed its completion.  There was a time recently when we just had to stop and ask God, “Do You even want us to make this CD at all?”  After all, “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.” (Psalm 127:1)  But as of late the pieces started to fall into place, and the Lord even blessed us by allowing us to record a couple of extra songs through the generosity of our cousin Chris Tubbs who is a budding sound engineer.

Not only is this our first recording we’ve completed independently, but this will also be the first recording featuring all four of our members.  It’s been over a decade since our previous CD was released, and a lot has happened since then, including marrying the men who are now members of Canopy.  Kevin was featured on several tracks of the CD Vast Terrain, but we had not even met Buddy yet at the time.  Jazz influence, more prominent guitar solos, and production with a touch of the avant-garde are evidence of Buddy’s contributions in The Catalyst.  Varied, perhaps to a fault, the listener will be carried all the way from meditative music to bluesy pop.  We hope, though, that everyone will find something to his or her taste, and more importantly, that God will use this music for His purposes.