Vast Terrain

Vast terrain
life’s bright colors
eclipse (instrumental)
Clothed in beauty
court of love
psalm’s song
father o’brian
heartbeat of this child
why did it take so long?
quiet tears
all i know

A Vast History

During our second year of college we had an opportunity yet again to work with Jeff Nelson and Nick Gonzales on our first full-length album.  Due to a generous donation from our childhood optometrist and Nick’s flexibility we were able to pay for the project without any debt or delay.

Only one song from our EP was written on the guitar.  However, since the release of our first recording, Alicia had become more proficient on guitar and we had started using it frequently in our songwriting, thus incorporating more of a folk sound into our previously pop orientation.  In addition, Cynthia had begun playing recorder in performance, so a couple of songs from Vast Terrain display her instrumental additions.

Kevin’s involvement was another sign of growth between our first recording and the second.  He had co-written one song on The Extra Mile, but on Vast Terrain four tracks feature his voice and composition.

Although it has been a decade since Vast Terrain was completed, we continue to perform several of these songs regularly.  We hope that they will bless you in your faith as you listen.