The Extra Mile

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Canopy History 101

In 1995 when Canopy was just “the twins”, we recorded our first project, The Extra Mile.  It was the exciting culmination of several providential encounters guiding us in following our heavenly calling.  Five years earlier, God surprised Alicia one day by clearly saying, “You will be Christian singers.”  But even before that unforgettable moment He had already given us a passion for music, which foreshadowed the prophecy.  I can remember many happy childhood days spent writing songs in the back yard and harmonizing in the school bus.  Back then, all of our songs were a cappella, but during our high-school years we were blessed to meet Jeff Nelson, a talented Christian arranger and composer.  One by one we began taking our raw songs to Jeff to have them sequenced on his keyboard.  Although we were inexperienced and not yet mature in our musicianship, Jeff treated us as if we were his peers and mentored us in our professional journey.  When Jeff was preparing to move to Nashville he introduced us to Charles Powell, an industry-savvy man of faith who taught us the commercial side of music ministry.  Charles counseled us to make a studio recording and recommended Nick Gonzales who would become our producer for The Extra Mile.  Nick was a perfect fit.  He was skilled as a recording technician and also had the ability to put us at ease in the studio.  I always felt that our music was safe in his hands.

It is evident in reviewing all that led up to this recording that God has paved the way for our music ministry from the very beginning.  And we are still seeing evidence of His leadership as we continue to follow this calling.